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San Remo Primary School History

San Remo Primary School was first opened on March 26th, 1874. It is situated in the San Remo township, at the eastern entrance of Westernport Bay, approximately 135 kilometres from central Melbourne.  It has a long tradition of serving the local communities of San Remo and Phillip Island. The school was moved to its existing site in 1948.

Students attending San Remo Primary School come from varied family backgrounds.  Historically, families in the area have come from fishing and farming background however in more recent years the area has become a desirable place to live for people from a broader variety of backgrounds.  Some family members commute to Melbourne for work, other families are either self employed or employed in a range of businesses in the area. There is a strong link with families to the tourism industry.  The school attracts students from the township of San Remo to Bass on the mainland and from Cape Woolamai on Phillip Island

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