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Our School Curriculum 

San Remo Primary School is a community of passionate teachers, support staff, students and parents. We are committed to developing the potential of each student and empowering them to achieve success, develop their self esteem and inspire them in a lifelong love of learning that will help equip them for the contemporary world.


San Remo Primary School Literacy Program endeavours to: Develop in students the ability to listen, speak, read, view and write effectively with confidence, purpose and enjoyment. Expose students to a variety of genre (language styles) to develop an understanding and appreciation of audience, purpose and structure. Develop in students the ability to understand, discuss and begin to critically analyse texts. Provide an inclusive program catering for the diversity of our students.Use ongoing assessment to guide explicit teaching.


San Remo Primary School Numeracy Program endeavours to:​ Engage students in purposeful tasks catering to their needs. Encourage students to articulate the strategies used to solve problems. Engage students in a broad and comprehensive curriculum.Support students to experience success in a challenging and fun environment.  


Students also participate in a variety of school sports, camps and excursions. To support our students education, we arrange visits from organisations such as Responsible Pet Ownership Program and Life Education Program. We offer Specialist Programs including Music, Art, Japanese, Library and Physical Education. Our school has a strong sense of community, and encourages parent and guardian involvement


If you would like to become involved, or arrange a school tour please contact our school. 

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