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Staff Structure 2023

Principal - Karen Bowker 

Prep Class -  Mrs Tracey Wilson and Mrs Justine Lethbridge

Grade 1M - Mr Tim De Freitas

Grade 1/2E - Mr Dan Earle

Grade 2G - Ms Stacey Grindy

Grade 3/4M - Mr John Manning

Grade 3/4T- Ms Kelly-Anne Thompson

Grade 5/6T- Mr Shaun Taylor and Mrs Theresa Gifford-Cox

Grade 5/6N- Miss Ruby Noye

Wellbeing - Mrs Alyce Houston and Mrs Lauren Hamer

Music - Mr Ian Chambers

Art & Senior PE - Ms Virginia Baxter

Junior PE - Mrs Cathy Kallstrom

Library - Mrs Lauren Hamer

Tutor Learning Initiative - Mrs Kylie McKenna

Maths Initiative - Mrs Tracey Wilson and Mrs Theresa Gifford- Cox

Learning Specialist - Mr Shaun Taylor

Business Manager - Ms Vicki Leheny

Administration - Mrs Shar Joyner

Education Support - Mrs Adrienne Brown, Mrs Nicole Korosa, Miss Courtney McKenner, Holly Shearer and Mrs Tracey McIntyre

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